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5 summer grilling ideas to make your barbecues healthy and delicious


Summer is the season of outdoor barbecue. You can enjoy healthy and fresh food with friends and family. Although barbecue is a healthy cooking method, there are also some ways to make your barbecue better and healthier. Enjoying a summer barbecue doesn't mean damaging your healthy eating plan. This summer we plan a fun and safe outdoor party, which is consistent with our goal of eating well. How about it?

5 summer grilling ideas to make your barbecues healthy and delicious 1

Choose the right protein

Although steaks and hot dogs are common choices for backyard barbecue, barbecue protein has many nutritional options. Consider lean meat and low saturated fat, such as chicken breast, hamburger, fish or shrimp. In addition, for those who choose meatless foods, vegetable foods such as tofu and vegetable burgers are more protein rich.

5 summer grilling ideas to make your barbecues healthy and delicious 2

Avoid charring the meat

Meat cooked at high temperature for a long time is more likely to form a potential carcinogenic compound called heterocyclic amine (HCA). You can take some precautions to reduce the production of HCA in barbecue. Avoid outbreaks during barbecue, which are known to increase smoke and charred meat. This can be achieved through better baking temperature control, smaller pieces of meat that require less cooking time, and the use of thinner cuts.

5 summer grilling ideas to make your barbecues healthy and delicious 3

Don’t forget the veggies and fruit

In many barbecues, it's normal that vegetables become people's second choice. However, now is the best time to make use of local seasonal agricultural products. Roasted vegetables such as corn, mushrooms and sweet peppers are nutritious and very popular among customers who pay attention to health. Place fresh peach, watermelon or mango slices on a baking plate. Pour vinegar and fresh herbs over. If you like lettuce, you can choose fresh seasonal salad.

Mind Your sauces and condiments

Bottled barbecue and Japanese sauce may contain too much sugar and salt. Try to make your own marinades and sauces with nutritious ingredients like turmeric, ginger, cumin, pepper, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, as well as other low calorie condiments like mustard, vinegar and salsa. Try adding fresh avocados, onions, pickles and fresh green leafy vegetables instead of high calorie and saturated fat ingredients like cheese, mayonnaise and ranch seasoning.

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