Focus on producing and exporting BBQ grills for more than 20 years.


We have participated in many sessions of the Canton Fair and Hong Kong Fair, because these fairs can shorten the distance between us and our customers.

Specifically in the following aspects:  

Increase understanding of the market. By participating in the Canton Fair, we can easily understand the development of other companies, product status. In addition, understanding the needs and potential of the market in the interaction with the client. These understandings are more intuitive and accurate than day-to-day market research.  

Promote products and services. The exhibition is a kind of three-dimensional advertisement, which gives us an opportunity to fully display our products, so that customers can increase their understanding of the products' services and can be easily accepted.  

Sales and transactions. Although the time of the exhibition is short, it is easy for customers to communicate with us directly. We can reach some agreements or intentions at the exhibition. This is our biggest achievement at the exhibition.

Introducing the China Import and Export Fair, the ultimate platform connecting businesses worldwide! Get ready to explore endless opportunities and witness the global trade extravaganza. From innovative products to authentic global cuisine, brace yourself for an unforgettable experience filled with sizzling barbecues and international trade wonders. Join us now and unlock a world of limitless possibilities!
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